The Technical University of Košice has traditionally been a center of development and  innovations in the field of robotics.
In collaboration with industry, various projects (CERN, nuclear power, automotive etc.) have been successfully solved based on robotics.
Today, the use of robots in our society is accelerating. Robots must increasingly to be able to perform demanding tasks. New applications of robotics are often a challenge because of high and different requirements to be fully met.
These challences offer excellent opportunities for industry and research & development institutions to develop (together) new competitive solutions.
Our hub is dedicated to robotic challences. Supporting small & medium-sized (SME's) companies, offering services, involved in Horizon 2020/Europe projects etc.
Industries: Manufacturing, Nuclear, Inspection & Maintenance, etc.
Find out more on this website about how our hub, optionally in cooperation with European partners, can support you with your new robot applications.

About the hub

Within the Technical University of Kosice and its Prototyping & Innovation Center, our hub is part of the RIMA-network. This network for Robotics Inspection & Maintenance consists of 13 specialized hubs and several industry associations.

The network enables us to join forces and competences. Meaning for you and your company that all kinds of expertise and facilities, as well within our University as well out there in Europe, is within reach for you. Increasing your chances for growing business with new robotic applications.

Our hub aims to support robotic - developers, - service providers and - system integrators for getting (their) novel technology developed and brought to market, in line with the needs of the end users. Look at our services for how we can serve you.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas/projects to be developed.


In direct dialog with you we support you, during all phases of your innovation project, with your specific questions, enabling you to take next steps or to accelerate your process of innovation.

We strive to assist you in your technological as well as your business needs. Making use of the extensive expertise available within our University,  supplemented with expertise available within the European network of robotic hubs as an option.

Services provided by the Hub:

  • Support in technology development
    • Specific research & development
    • Technology concept development, proof of concept, concept validation
    • Prototyping, production, testing
    • Product demonstration, qualification, certification
  • Advice and support to protecting your idea´s regarding robotic solutions
  • Support with finding suitable financing
    • Cascade funding / Financial Support for Third Parties / Structural Funding etc.
    • Investor searching/matching
  • Education and skills development
    • Courses, workshops, trainings
  • Feasibility studies, market assessments, business planning, road mapping
  • Workshops sharing knowledge & experience, brokerage
  • Project development related to funded programs
    • Identification of opportunities
    • Development of proposals
    • Creating consortia

Our successful innovation projects

  • Robotic gluing of automotive parts (Faurecia)
  • Robotic fragmentation of steam generators (JAVYS a.s.)
  • Mobile robot serving patients in hospital (Košice-Šaca Hospital)


1. Client: Faurecia Interior Systems Kosice

The company used manual work to connect the components of the interior parts of cars, such as door panels, dashboard, etc. The quality of the glued joint, labour productivity and economic efficiency were thus largely influenced by the human factor. The application of the glue was not sufficiently uniform and its consumption was unnecessarily high. Due to market requirements, it was also desirable to increase labour productivity.


We offered the company a solution in the form of a robotic workplace for spray application. Robotic application of adhesives on relatively flat surfaces has already been proven in the industry, but in the case of structured surfaces it was still problematic. In order to successfully solve the entire technology, it was necessary to ensure appropriate properties of the adhesive, create control algorithms to minimize adhesive consumption, solve automatic cleaning of nozzles and fine-tune handling and logistics so that the productivity of the workplace will be higher than that of the manual work.


The solution proved successful and the new system was extended also to sister companies.


2. Client: JAVYS a.s.

The decommissioning of the V1 Nuclear Power Plant at Jaslovské Bohunice involved the disposal of steam generators. The previously used technologies for the fragmentation of large-scale structures, such as manual flame and plasma cutting, no longer met the new requirements for health and safety at work. Even technologies used world-wide still required a considerable amount of human labour.


We designed an automated system for cutting the steam generator casing and a robotic complex for fragmentation of the heat exchange tubes. The solution reached in cooperation with VUJE a.s. made it possible to minimize the health risk to workers, as well as to reduce downtimes. Subsequently, we designed a system of secondary division of the tubes to enable their automatic storage in barrels. The comprehensive digitization of this workplace provides a precondition for its application in other nuclear power plants undergoing decommissioning.

3. Client: Košice-Šaca Hospital

The shortage of medical staff in hospitals is becoming critical, so Košice-Šaca Hospital was looking for a solution for work that does not require direct interaction with the patient.


In cooperation with the company Photoneo, we designed a solution involving a mobile robot for the distribution of materials and medicines between wards and to patients. The solution of navigation in the existing premises of the hospital and the creation of a new logistics system were challenging. The success of the solution was, among other things, also the result of thorough staff training. The patients received the new crew member very favourably.


Please just contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.


For the activities of the hub and its collaboration, our University has a large hall for experimentation & demonstration available. There are also available several specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art technology for testing of new solutions regarding:

  • sensors
  • position determination
  • locomotion systems
  • stress analysis
  • big data analysis
  • remote control
  • autonomous operation

Furthermore, there is production capacity available for high quality components required for reliable robotic systems.



1. Robotics Hub Kosice and the BOWI project

The BOWI-project is connecting digital innovation hubs and SMEs in the discovery of advanced digital solutions.

Robotics Hub Kosice has been selected by the BOWI project as a DIH centre to serve selected SME’s with their needs to strengthen themselves in relation to robotics. We are looking forward to be engaged with the SME’s in connection with their DIH’s.

More information


2. Join the RIMA Network Community ....... if the robotics business in the field of Inspection & Maintenance is of interest for you

The RIMA Network is meant to bring together key stakeholders in I&M robotics and offer its community a place to collaborate, share information on I&M robotics, be engaged with latest developments.

Would you like to enter this business, expand your customer base, develop new solutions or .... ? Join the RIMA community of technology providers, service providers, asset owners, Digital Innovation Hubs and others.

Our Robotics Hub Kosice is well familiar with the network and the businesses, so in case of any interest, feel free to contact us.

Or call us: +421 905 474 353 (Ladislav Vargovcik)
                 +421 950 563 736 (Ebert van Vonderen)





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